Use cases

Interactive audioguide solution

Fabella Creator can be used to create hands-free, interactive audioguides. From art galleries to museums, walking tours to historical sites, just as examples. Fabella Creator brings unparalleled availability and accessibility to the tourism industry. As an example, you could experience a permanent exhibition in a new way, immersing yourself, and learning about the artworks and artists through the interactive Audioguide.

GPS solution concept

We have introduced a GPS solution into Fabella.  This new node fits seamlessly into the Fabella node library and can be added to existing projects.  Trigger events when the GPS location falls within a set radius. Build your own walking tours, ARG’s and much more within a code-free environment with Fabella!

Coffee machine integration concept

Leverage the power of Fabella to add voice control to your point of service! In this case Wanderword has partnered with coffee giant Melitta to fast-prototype a fully featured GUI and AudioUI, bringing heads up, hands free or hands off to a cherished daily ritual. 

Concierge service solution

Fabella has been used to create a voice controlled concierge service that works as a digital receptionist, guiding visitors to the right place and providing  information on demand. A great example of Fabella integration supporting accessibility and making it possible to use your voice instead of tapping a screen.