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Create interactive digital content in only four simple steps:

  1. Create interactive experiences in only four steps:
  2. Sign up for a free account.
  3. Choose a template or start from scratch.
  4. Start telling your story. Incorporate text, images, videos, or even AI and GPS. Find some helpful tutorials to get you started here.
  5. Your content is ready to publish!

About Wanderword

With roots in the global video game industry, we have poured decades-long expertise into building a user-friendly and intuitive interface with Fabella Creator. The result is a no-code tool so simple to use that anyone can create an audio guide, training solution, or game in 4 simple steps.

Most Popular Features

Work as a team in a real-time development environment.

Programming without any coding

Fabella enables beginners and experts alike to create powerful applications and games in minutes without requiring programming skills. Our software comes with over twenty different functional nodes, from basic to advanced. Click here to check out our library of Fabella tutorial videos.

Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text to enable conversation

Fabella’s true power is in the spoken language. The Text-to-Speech functionality lets the creator pick from hundreds of voices to narrate the solution, story or game. The complementary Speech-to-Text engine listens and understands what the user is saying, allowing powerful interactions. Fabella complements spoken strength with robust imagery solutions.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Fabella’s powerful Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text  functionalities combined with AI’s potent Large Language Models enables unlimited creative expression and development of utilitarian, knowledge, lifestyle and entertainment applications. Read more about Fabella’s AI node here.

Customizable Templates for immediate implementation

Highly customizable, ready-made templates, from AI conversations, quiz games to productivity tools and games.

GPS/Location Based Experiences

By simply clicking on a location in the node’s built-in world-map, or inserting actual Longitude and Latitude values, the geolocation node can power applications and games that are contextually sensitive to the world.

Web integration

Connect content to web services, databases, spreadsheets and online resources with the HTTPS access function. For those who want to use traditional coding, the JavaScript node provides full access to this universal programming language.

Synchronous Collaboration

Work as a team in a real-time development environment where members can work synchronously.

Advanced multi-layered Audio

Make narrative engaging through multi-layered sound. Fabella’s dynamic audio system provides control of music and sound including fading in and out, looping and volume control.

Voices of the world

Fabella offers access to over 600 synthetic voices in 30 languages, many of which are neural-based that provide multiple variations of emotional expressions. Choose the voice type that matches your industry needs.Our expressive voices are chosen to fit with different ventures in electronic consumer goods, transportation, education, training & coaching, entertainment, and hospitality.

A customizable web-player

Generate a clean, concise and efficient web player to publish your project.

Platform Agnostic

Fabella’s simplified release process enables the creator to deploy an application or game to multiple platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS and Android.

Video Integration

Enrich your creation by easily embedding a YouTube video.




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