Quartermaster’s First Aid Initiative

Basic first aid training is something that everyone should know. Using Fabella Creator, this information can be delivered to those who need it – in accessible and intuitive ways. 

Quartermaster For Ukraine is leading the charge in getting medical assistance to the people who are in dire need of it. Their initiative involves leveraging Fabella Creator to develop interactive mobile training solutions for first aid kits. They are making critical medical assistance readily available to all.

How Fabella Creator Increases Accessibility 

The training program could be written in one language and then translated, using Fabella Creator, into multiple other languages without extra costs or time wasted. Making this training guide available in both English and Ukrainian sped up the communication process and made the knowledge accessible to many.

With the simple scan of a QR code attached to the first aid kits, anyone could quickly reach the content with their own phone or tablet. No need to download applications or extra steps required. This user-friendly approach ensured that medical training was available at any moment.

Quartermaster is breaking down barriers to access essential medical knowledge. With the innovations of Fabella Creator – this knowledge can be made available to anyone, anywhere, any time.