At Wanderword, we have ignited a revolution in education with our innovative platform, Fabella. Fabella has emerged as a potent tool for education, making learning fun for prestigious organisations such as Stockholm University and Washington State ESD101.

The significance of Fabella’s impact was highlighted when Wanderword’s founder, Peter Zetterberg, was invited to share his insights at the annual Bizplay event. A major conference renowned for its exploration of gamification and creative applications of game elements. At the event, Peter represented Wanderword and delved into the role of gamification in education, particularly in the context of AI.

Peter Zetterberg attending the Bizplay event through an online connection. Picture by Sandra Jacques.

AI, Speech, and Learning: A Dynamic Trio

Reflecting on the event, Peter remarked, “It was a very productive evening where we covered multiple aspects of what learning is and how it is acquired, and the various tools one can use through AI and speech.” 

Peter emphasised the natural connection between speech and voice as tools for interacting with the world and their transformative potential for making learning a more immersive experience. He also raised important concerns about the risks associated with gamification, especially when AI is involved. He highlighted the flood of information, including fake news and subjective data, and stressed Wanderword’s commitment to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of information.

Wanderword’s perspective is that gamification, when wielded responsibly, is an efficient and highly effective method for learning and deepening one’s knowledge on various topics. It’s not just a tool; it’s an empowerment mechanism for education systems.

Unlocking the Future of Education with Fabella

The audience at Bizplay was captivated by Fabella and its boundless possibilities, underscoring the platform’s potential to reshape the education landscape and make learning more engaging, immersive, and accessible.

We look forward to continuing our journey of empowering individuals and institutions with the incredible power of creating through Fabella.