Our participation at the recent EdTech World Forum 2023 in London made a significant impact! The event, which drew participants from around the globe, showcased a range of innovative educational technology solutions, with our tool Fabella standing out for its unique approach to empowering students to learn through creation.

Johan Strömberg, our Director of Business Development and Sales, at the Edtech World Forum 2023.

Learn through creation

During the EdTech World Forum, Johan Strömberg, our Director of Business Development and Sales, discussed the significance of hands-on learning in the digital age. He emphasized that while AI-powered solutions can provide valuable information, it is equally crucial for students to develop the skills to utilize and understand this information effectively. Strömberg displayed Fabella, showing how students can interact with AI while applying logical thinking.

Empowering EdTech Innovation

Fabella has received a lot of positive feedback in London, proving once again the tool’s potential to revolutionize the way we approach education. By empowering students to create, collaborate, and engage with information in meaningful ways, Fabella is paving the way for a more effective and inspiring learning experience for all.

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