Imagine a bustling summer day in Stockholm, where tourists and locals alike eagerly seek memorable experiences. In the heart of this vibrant city, Strömma, a leading tourism company, faced a daunting challenge. They aspired to offer a captivating GPS-based tour around Stockholm City, but their plans had hit a roadblock. Delayed app development threatened to defer their grand tour launch until after the tourist season in August. However, a solution was on the horizon – Fabella.

Wanderword’s Fabella, the user-friendly platform to create interactive audio tours, became the beacon of hope for Strömma. Fabella eliminated the need for tedious app certification and revenue-sharing agreements, offering a quicker, more efficient path to success. In just three weeks, we delivered an interactive audio-based boat tour that exceeded Strömma’s expectations. The solution was a breath of fresh air – fully responsive, allowing tourists to use their own devices. A simple QR code scan initiated the one-hour round-trip boat tour, where visitors could sit back and immerse themselves in an engaging experience, unravelling the history and beauty of Stockholm.

“We are so impressed with the speed and simplicity Wanderword has shown during the production of our new tour around Kungsholmen – Stockholm in our heart. Their tool Fabella has enabled an interesting, engaging, and interactive guide.”
Peter Henricson
Business Area Manager
Strömma Sweden

Strömma and Fabella will continue to set sights on a brighter future. We are actively exploring more ventures for the upcoming tourist season, aiming to unlock even more engaging experiences using Fabella. An exciting journey awaits.

Fabella proved to be the missing piece in Strömma’s tourism puzzle by swiftly eliminating the threat of missed opportunities and offering a seamless, cost-effective, and highly engaging solution. This partnership showcases the speed, simplicity, and affordability of Fabella as the preferred tourism tech solution. Discover Fabella here!