Take a walk through nature and art, guided by the voice of Fabella Creator and the tales of your surroundings. Settled within the picturesque landscapes of Sweden, Artipelag is renowned for its unique blend of art, architecture, and nature. Among its attractions, the Sculpture in Nature outdoor exhibition stands out as a sight to see. 

The Sculpture in Nature exhibition displays an array of artworks among the forests and seashores surrounding the venue. With the introduction of an audio guide to express the stories of the artworks, Artipelag has elevated their exhibition. It’s more than just sight-seeing. It’s an experience. 

The exhibition comes to life with the breath of nature, and is given a voice with Wanderword’s tool – Fabella Creator. Exhibition-goes can take the tour at their own pace, and access it with their own device. They choose the artworks they want to hear about by selecting them in the guide, the information is readily available. The dynamic audio tour tells listeners more than just what the artwork is – it guides them through the inspirations and techniques of the artist, their history, and draws attention to the symbiotic relationship between art and nature.

In embracing technology to enrich the outdoor art experience, Artipelag exemplifies its commitment to innovation and storytelling – inviting visitors on a journey of inspiration through the serene beauty that Sweden has to offer.