We are delighted to announce our recent participation in the United Spinal Association’s esteemed Strong Wheeled Together Conference in Las Vegas. Fabella stood shoulder to shoulder with industry giants Whirlpool, a leading household appliance manufacturer, Alexa, a voice assistant technology developed by Amazon, Augmental, a company specializing in augmented reality solutions, and Evva Health, a healthcare technology provider. Together we explored groundbreaking ways to uplift the quality of life for wheelchair users.

In this picture: Juliana Tarpey Hadad (Amazon Alexa), Chris Cullen (Whirlpool Corporation), Katie Frayer (Whirlpool Corporation), Corten Singer (Augmental), Carl Hanna (Evva Health) Louis Linebarger (United Spinal Association) and Johan Strömberg (Wanderword).

The conference showcased impressive solutions from suppliers, sparking a vision of a more accessible and equitable future for all. Augmental unveiled their groundbreaking tongue-controlled Bluetooth-connected device, which allows users to control phones, iPads or computers with their mouth. Evva Health presented their platform that informs the community of an individual’s needs in the healthcare environment. Alexa showcased their work on eye-tracking technology to enable control of its screen devices. Whirlpool impressed attendees with their development of innovative solutions aimed at making their products easier to use for wheelchair users. The conference has propelled us to collaborate closely on bringing to life voice-activated and button-controlled solutions designed to meet the specific needs of wheelchair users. 

With our versatile technology, the possibilities are limitless. Users can engage with internet-connected devices and machinery via voice commands. Fabella’s user-friendly interface puts the power in the hands of those who understand their needs best – the users themselves.


Our participation further deepened our commitment to revolutionizing the life of wheelchair users. We believe that these initiatives will greatly enhance their independence and quality of life, fostering a better understanding of the intimate challenges they face and catalysing societal changes towards inclusivity. Technology can be used as a tool to remove barriers, and we are dedicated to making that vision a reality.

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a transformative event that champions the cause of accessibility and inclusivity. Our journey continues and we remain resolute in our commitment to redefine the norms and exceed expectations.