Exciting updates are here to make your Fabella Creator experience better than ever! Get ready to work faster, easier, and get more done with these awesome updates.

New Templates

We’ve introduced a range of new templates. Now, you can effortlessly kickstart your project by clicking on ‘new project’ and selecting the perfect template from our diverse collection. 

Customizable GPS Zones

Say goodbye to the limitations of circular zones. Now, you can define GPS zones with custom shapes, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and minimizing overlap.

Live Follow GPS Node

With the new live follow feature, you can easily track and engage with GPS data as it dynamically evolves. Now you can track and interact with GPS data in real-time!

Preview Locations in GPS Node 

Visualize before you actualize! The ability to preview GPS zones within the GPS Node allows you to fine-tune your designs with ease and confidence.

Custom Event Variables

Embrace customization like never before! Modified JSON validation now supports Fabella Creator’s variable syntax, empowering users to define variables within custom events effortlessly.

These new features and fixes are just a part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the tools you need to create exceptional and engaging experiences. Start creating today!