If you have never used Fabella Creator before, you’ll be able to get the hang of it in minutes.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of adding and removing team members from your projects. 

Building Your Team

In order to add team members to your project, you first have to make sure that they have been added to your team.

  1. Accessing Team Management: Start by navigating to your dashboard on Fabella Creator. Here, you’ll find the option to manage your team alongside your projects and template tabs. Click on “Manage Team”.
  1. Adding Team Members: To add individuals to your team, click on ‘Invite user’ and input their email addresses and assign them a role (admin or member). Make sure they already have accounts on Fabella Creator. Admins have higher permissions compared to members, allowing them to manage team settings and project access.
  2. Sending Invitations: Once added, your team members will receive an email invitation prompting them to accept and join the team. Upon acceptance, they’ll gain access to the projects associated with the team.

Adding Team Members to your Project

Once you have added members to your team, you can go ahead and assign them roles on your project.

  1. Accessing Project Settings: Within each project, you have the option to invite collaborators directly. Simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of the project, and select “Invite Collaborators.”
  2. Assigning Roles: Similar to team management, you can assign specific roles to collaborators within individual projects. Roles include admin, editor, or viewer – each with varying levels of access and permissions.
  3. Understanding Roles: Click on the “Roles” button for detailed information on the different roles available. This will redirect you to the FAQ section, providing insights into each role’s responsibilities and permissions.

Removing Team Members

  1. Removing Members from your Project: As a project collaborator, you can remove yourself from a project by accessing the project settings and selecting the option to remove yourself. To remove other people from the project, you would need to be a project admin before accessing project settings and selecting the option to remove others.
  2. Removing Members from your Team: Admins have the authority to remove team members from both projects and the overall team. Navigate to the team management section to initiate removals as needed.

Support and Further Assistance

Access Fabella Creator’s documentation for detailed guides on project administration, creating new projects, and inviting users to collaborate. For any additional questions or assistance, reach out to Fabella Creator’s customer support team at support@fabellacreator.com. They’re readily available to address any queries and provide any guidance you may need.

Fabella Creator is for Everyone

Collaborating on projects with Fabella Creator is a simple process, with an intuitive interface and seamless collaboration features. You’ve just successfully learned how to make and manage projects using Fabella Creator, and now it’s time for you to start crafting your experience.