Fabella Creator allows you to export and share your projects on external websites effortlessly. This tutorial will take you through the simple steps of using this web player feature, so that you can showcase your creations and engage with your audience in any way you’d like. 

Accessing the Web Player

1. Open Your Project: Once your project is finished and ready to share, open it up in Fabella Creator. 

2. Navigate to Web Player: Click on “File” in the menu bar, then select “Web Player” from the dropdown options.

3. Go Live on the Web: Toggle on the “Live” option, or click on the Web Player to get the shareable link to your project as seen below. If you would like to customize the web player, keep reading. 

Customizing Your Web Player

1. Adjust Settings: To adjust the web player, go to “Settings” and then click on “Platforms and Publishing”. On the side panel, click on “Web”.

2. Customizing the Web Player: Scroll down to find these adjustable settings:

   – Title and Subtitle: Change the title and add a subtitle to personalize your project.

   – URL Logo: Add a logo to your Web Player by pasting the logo’s location. This helps with branding and recognition.

   – Shareable Link: You’ll receive a shareable link that allows others to access your project directly.

3. Embedding: If you prefer, you can embed the Web Player directly onto your website. Copy the provided HTML code (found right above the customizable settings) and paste it into your website’s code editor.

 Exploring Web Player Features

 1. Play Your Project: Once your project is live, test it directly from the Web Player interface. Click on the play button to experience your project as your audience would.

2. Interact with Options: Explore the options available to users, such as stopping the project, restarting from the beginning, or repeating the last interaction.

3. Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the Web Player with different web browsers and learn more about how speech recognition works with the player.

4. Explore Possibilities: Consider the various possibilities the Web Player offers, such as enhancing your website’s content or creating interactive experiences for your audience.

Support and Further Assistance

Access Fabella Creator’s documentation for detailed guides on project administration, creating new projects, and inviting users to collaborate. For any additional questions or assistance, reach out to Fabella Creator’s customer support team at support@fabellacreator.com. They’re readily available to address any queries and provide any guidance you may need.