The newly released video node lets Fabella creators include videos in their projects, opening up the possibility to enhance projects visually. 

Video Integration

Our Video Integration is a user-friendly tool that lets you effortlessly embed YouTube videos into your projects. Simply enter the YouTube video ID into the designated field, and Fabella will integrate the video into your project. To find the video ID for your YouTube video, look for the unique combination of characters that comes after forward slash (/) in the video’s URL.

Empower Your Creations

Fabella’s video node is one of many things we are experimenting with, to expand the capabilities of Fabella. We listen to our customers’ needs and want to give everyone the opportunity to create their optimal immersive experiences. You can now create interactive stories which embedded videos bring to life, develop educational games that seamlessly incorporate video tutorials, or design productivity tools which enhance user guidance with embedded video demonstrations.

Click here to incorporate videos into your Fabella projects.