Falck, Scandinavia’s leading provider of  emergency response and healthcare services, recently partnered with Wanderword. Using Fabella, Falck developed an interactive e-learning module for its mandatory training on Allergenic products.

Learn on the go

By converting a traditional presentation into an immersive and engaging audio-based training, Falck has not only enhanced the learning experience for its 2000 employees but also achieved significant cost savings. The e-learning module is easily accessible from anywhere, eliminating the need for in-person training sessions.

 “We are impressed with the speed and ease with which Wanderword and the team produced the e-learning. Delivering in several languages and integrating with our LMS makes it simple to use. We are now looking forward to seeing the results and time savings in more learning areas with Wanderword and Fabella”.
Erik Berglund
Head of Training, Falck