Imagine strolling through a bustling Parisian market, as you hear captivating stories about the city’s hidden gems. Or, picture yourself navigating through a museum, guided by a virtual storyteller who brings the vibrant art to life. Create similar transformative experiences for your business. Fabella empowers tourism companies of all sizes to create captivating audio experiences that engage guests like never before. 

What Sets Fabella Apart

  • Integration with GPS and QR Codes: No more app downloads or technical hurdles. Travelers simply scan a QR code and the tour begins, automatically adjusting to their location and pace.
  • Immersing Audiences: Craft multi-layered experiences that combine captivating narratives with stunning visuals, evocative soundscapes, and even user-driven choices to create a truly unforgettable adventure.
  • Accessibility for All: Ensure everyone can explore at their own pace and enjoy the tour. Fabella offers multiple language options, text transcripts for the visually impaired, and dyslexia-friendly fonts.
  • Shop While Exploring: Integrate your webshop directly into the audio guide, allowing visitors to purchase souvenirs or book experiences directly from the tour.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences. Understand what resonates with your audience and optimize your tours for maximum engagement.

Connect yourself to the trend. Follow touristic market leaders like Strömma and Thompson Hotel using Fabella to leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Discover Fabella now!