We are flying into 2024! Wanderword made a significant mark on the global stage by participating in three prominent events, where numerous valuable connections were generated.

Thomas Lindgren and Johan Strömberg attending CES 2024

Our Eventful January

On 9 January, our Thomas Lindgren and Johan Strömberg, attended CES in Las Vegas, the world’s largest technology event. Amidst a gathering of over 135,000 tech enthusiasts, Wanderword’s innovative platform Fabella Creator garnered attention and sparked inspiration. The event served as an opportunity to engage with industry leaders and we got the ability to demonstrate how Fabella Creator is shaping the future of corporate training, hospitality, tourism and education.

Continuing the journey, Johan Strömberg then crossed the oceans to attend the London Art Fair on 17 January. The fair featured art of global stature, providing an excellent backdrop for Fabella Creator’s capabilities. Conversations with artists and art enthusiasts revealed a keen interest in Fabella’s potential to effortlessly create interactive art exhibitions and audio tours.

Not slowing down, Johan returned to London to participate in BETT 2024. The event facilitated interactions with educators, partners, and customers. Johan demonstrated how Fabella Creator is revolutionizing learning by imparting programming and logical thinking skills without the need for traditional coding. The platform’s ability to create GPS-based history trails, engaging math quizzes, and interactive reading exercises generated considerable excitement.

As we proceed to innovate our platform Fabella Creator, we invite interested companies and organisations to explore its potential. For a personalized demonstration, contact us at contact@wanderword.net.

About Fabella

Introducing Fabella Creator; a versatile web-based tool, built to create everything from interactive audio tours in the museum to fully immersive audio games in the car. Sharing is as easy as copying a link, a QR code, or integrating it into Amazon Alexa or Google Home.’