Today, the audiobook for Peter K Andersson’s novel ‘Robot’ is launched. What makes this release special is that the entire narration is done by Wanderwords AI voices, marking a new direction in audiobook production.

Affordable Production

Producing audiobooks traditionally has been expensive and time-consuming. With the use of AI technology, we have managed to cut down the costs significantly. The production of ‘Robot’ only costs between 1,000 and 2,000 Swedish crowns, compared to the usual 2,000 to 5,000 Swedish crowns per hour of recording.

Johan Strömberg, our Sales Director, sees this as a great opportunity for smaller publishing companies who previously might have thought producing audiobooks was too expensive.

“AI has the potential to make audiobook production more affordable,” says Strömberg. “The challenge lies in making sure the AI voices sound natural and human-like. While English audiobooks have made progress in this area, incorporating different accents and tones, Swedish audiobooks are catching up fast. In a few years, AI-generated voices might be hard to distinguish from human narration.”
Johan Strömberg
Sales Director Wanderword

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‘Robot’ is an intriguing story that explores themes of artificial intelligence and humanity. With its immersive storytelling and unique production, the audiobook aims to engage listeners and spark conversations about the future of storytelling and AI.

Publications in the Swedish newspaper NSD and Aftonbladet are buzzing with excitement about ‘Robot’. Don’t miss out—join the conversation and experience ‘Robot’ today! The audiobook is available here.