Wanderword, the thought leader in interactive audio entertainment for smart speakers, has signed a licensing agreement with Paizo, the prolific tabletop roleplaying game publisher, to take their award-winning science-fantasy Starfinder Alexa Skill to new heights. Wanderword will manage development of the audio adventure, adding the power of their experienced team.

“We are proud to be a part of the Starfinder community and are huge fans of both Pathfinder and Starfinder. We will make sure that we honor this great IP and we will support, grow, and keep the community active through a number of actions. Wanderword and its founders have worked with interactive audio entertainment since 2012 and we are happy to have been selected by Paizo and Amazon to take this awarded production further, ” said Johan Strömberg, Wanderword CEO.

The skill was originally developed by Amazon’s internal team in collaboration with Paizo in December of 2019 and currently has over 900 4-star reviews in the U.S. Skill store alone. The Starfinder team secured two awards at this year’s Project Voice Awards, picking up both Voice Experience of the Year and Developer of the Year, cementing Starfinder’s position as a flagship entertainment title for the Amazon Alexa. Starfinder features over 13 hours of interactive gameplay and is a must for anyone who loves voice-first interactive audio gaming.

“Wanderword’s expertise in interactive audio entertainment for the global mobile and smart speaker market is an excellent partner to take the innovative and award-winning Starfinder Alexa Skill we developed and published with Amazon to an even wider audience. With them, we can work to bring it to more users and show what is possible with this evolving technology,” said Jim Butler, Paizo VP of Marketing and Licensing. 

The skill guides a solo player through an interactive adventure filled with professional voice actors, exciting sound effects, music, and multiple different story paths based on their in-game decisions. The challenging combat leaves you with the same satisfied feeling that you would get from another video game, but this can be done from anywhere and doesn’t require the use of your hands—just your voice and imagination!


  • An interactive space audio adventure epic with over 13 hours of audio to set the scene.
  • One free tutorial style mission, “Scoundrels in the Spike,” and six premium full missions are playable at this time.
  • “Starfinder: Scoundrels in the Spike” was adapted for Alexa by James L. Sutter, former Starfinder Creative Director and award-winning author.
  • Featuring the voice talents of Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle), Laura Bailey (Critical Role, The Last of Us Part II), and more! 
  • Available for purchase now on Amazon, as well as through your smartphone or Alexa device.

Just say, Alexa, open Starfinder.

You can also visit the Amazon Alexa Skill Page