What happens when you take a podcast, add interactivity and a heaping handful of YES? Well, what you get is the latest episode of the Yes Girls podcast.

In this unique partnership between Wanderword, Afripods and The Yes Girls podcastwe break ground with the first truly interactive podcast (that we know of). Claire Baker and Akumu Fiona, two Nairobi-based wanderlusters are making it their mission to say “yes” to doing, being and learning something different every two weeks and documenting their journey – and for this episode, you can join them and play “Guess the episode” – you’ll be making history while having fun.

This partnership is powered by Fabella, the code-free, simple to use Interactive Audio Creator. At Wanderword, we are very excited to have partnered with the Yes Girls on this revolutionary new concept of interactive podcasts!

Try it here: https://yes-girls.netlify.app/

Want to learn more about The Yes Girls podcast and this episode, check out: https://yesgirlspodcast.show/press-play-on-this…

Curious about making your own interactive podcast? Simply visit https://fabellacreator.com/ to learn more!