Thank you for participating in the fabella creator game jam! the 2021 jam has now ended.

Update: The Fabella Creator Game Jam 2021 is over! Thanks to all who participated. You can head over to the Fabella Game Jam gallery to check out all entrants. You can also visit the Fabella Game Jam Page to learn more about the past 2021 Game Jam. Below we showcase the Top 3.

Fabella by wanderword is sponsoring a game jam contest as part of the voice of gaming conference.


This is a game jam where you’ll create an interactive audio game or story that uses speech recognition to control the gameplay/narrative.

All kinds of creatives are welcome to enter the contest, as Fabella Creator requires no prior coding experience.

The contest entries will be featured on The entries will be reviewed by a jury, as well as visitors who rate them via the Poptale site.

All games entered into the contest will be considered for a publishing deal with Wanderword!

Fabella Game Jam 2021



Warm Summers with plenty of Sun – Jump into the surf just 20 mins away!


You have two weeks to create an original game/story using the Fabella Creator. Access to Fabella is obtained by registering for the contest via this form.


The game must take a minimum of 5 minutes for the player to complete, but no longer than 20 minutes.


Projects will be posted to the gallery within 24 hours of completion. Once a project is finished, the creator(s) need to notify in order for the entry to be verified and posted.

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Hit and Run: chapter one

Project Title: hit and run: chapter one
Project Type: interactive fiction & audio game

Team Name: collin chute and candice cervantes
Team Members: collin chute and candice cervantes

Project description:

Hit and Run is an interactive game/story about a teenager who witnesses a car hitting a boy, and driving off. Using deep role playing mechanics such as choice of intellect, strength, and intuition; skill points are assigned. Combined with chance using old school RPG elements like dice rolls, your skills will determine if you pass the checkpoints you choose.

Chapter 1 explores the beginning stages of the game, and the inciting incident that changes the life of an ordinary teen. Humor, and a poetic, reflective narrative drive the story. All dialogue has been recorded along with music and sound effects.

A magical day

Project Title: a magical day
Project Type: interactive fiction

Team Name: kevKode
Team Members: kevin evans and coal (he’s my dog… more moral support than story development)

Project description:

This interactive fiction takes you through a day in the life of a prodigy magician. You will use various spells and enchantments as you make progress through your day.

Press the play button to begin!
Press the play button to begin!

Pet tails

Project Title: pet tails
Project Type: interactive fiction

Team Name: rongholt’s
Team Members: william rongholt and liam rongholt

Project description:

This is an interactive story that is through the eyes of three pets as they go to a contest. It was made by myself(William) and my son(Liam – 8 years old).

We worked through the story together, I made it in Fabella and my son drew pictures for the game.

Fabella creator game

Say ‘hello’ to the review panel of the fabella creator game jam 2021

Emily is a content designer at WillowTree, one of the hosts of Voice Spark Live, and a member of the Ethical Use Task Force of the Open Voice Network, writing ethical standards and guidelines for voice experiences. Recently, she was featured as a Voicefluencer on The Voice Den. She was also on the winning team of the Digital Assistant Academy’s Hackabot. Before transitioning to the voice field.
Emily Banhzaf
Conversational Designer
With 3+ years of conversation design experience, with a diverse amount of experience in different industries. Hunter has helped publish 15+ voice applications on Alexa and Google Assistant showcasing his company’s products on Enableds YouTube channel.
Hunter Gerken
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Liam Erven describes himself as a totally blind gamer, accessibility advocate, game designer, and adventurer. With many years advocating for accessibility in gaming, Liam Erven has been an Early Adopter & Beta Tester of many Interactive Audio Projects.
Liam Erven
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