Are you ready to take your Fabella experience to the next level? With our GPS Node, you can seamlessly integrate Fabella with GPS technology, unleashing a world of geolocation-triggered interactivity that will leave you and your audience in awe.

Here’s how you can make the most of this fantastic feature:

  1. Pinpoint Your Adventures: With the GPS Node, it’s as easy as dropping a pin on the map. Choose any location that intrigues you – be it the bustling streets of London, the vibrant heart of New York, your school campus, or even that hidden gem you adore. Let your creativity soar as you craft GPS-based tourist trails, historical journeys, or interactive quizzes throughout your area.
  1. Use Our AI Integration: Take your interactivity up a notch by combining the GPS Node with our AI Node. Create GPS-based content enriched with AI intelligence tailored to your current location. 
  1. Customise Your Content: Our customers have crafted everything from immersive art and boat audio tours to invaluable city guidance and nature exploration. The GPS Node gives you the power to provide your audience with enriching experiences they’ll never forget. 
  1. Know Your Audience: Keep your finger on the pulse of your audience’s preferences. Use Fabella to gather essential information as you approach their locations, effortlessly connecting with voice control. Make detailed notes about the places you’ve visited, ensuring you have the insights you need for future engagements.
  1. Create Seamless Collaboration: Stay organised and share insights effortlessly. Make notes of your customer visits and send them directly to yourself or your colleagues, fostering effective communication and coordination.

Go ahead, and embark on a journey of limitless creativity and engagement with Fabella’s GPS Node! Sign up for Fabella here, and start creating.